Mass/Weight Calibration

we standardize weighing scales e.g. electronic and mechanical weighing balances using the F1 and M2 standards.

Pressure Calibration

we calibrate pressure and vacuum gauges using the standard test gauge of serial no.211H16780020 and 211H16740008.

Temperature Calibration

we calibrate instruments such as water/oil/alcohol baths, ovens/incubators/refrigerators and freezers, self-indicating thermometers (contact thermometers).

Food microbiology

Enumeration of microorganisms: yeasts, molds and bacteria; in water, meat and meat products, acidic products, high fat content products, cereal and cereal products, animal feeds, margarine and spreads dehydrated products, egg and egg products, fermented products pastries and cakes.  


Food chemistry: We determine the following:


Acidity: in fruits, vegetables and milk, and their products,

Moisture content: in meat, fruits and vegetables, milk, cereals, and their products,

Soluble solids: in fruits and vegetable products,

Ash: in cereal products and animal feeds,

Calcium and phosphorus: in animal feeds,

Crude fibre: in cereal and cereal products and animal feedstuffs,

Crude Protein: in cereals, animal feeds, meat and their products,

Alcohol strength: in beverages such as wines, beers and fruit juices,

Milk density

PH value: in fruits and vegetable products, and water.

In Potable/Process water: We determine water quality in terms of the total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, total hardness, pH, ions such as copper, enumeration of specific bacteria, the Total Plate count and the Total coliform count.

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